Bombshell: ABC independently confirms success of CIA "torture" tactics

Ace e-mailed me the instant this finished airing on O’Reilly with the subject header “must record”. He was right, as you’ll see.

Anti-“torture” absolutists like Sullivan adamantly deny that harsh tactics produce reliable information. It’s their way of avoiding the moral dilemma presented by a ticking time-bomb scenario. But they’ll have to face it now, because in four short minutes Brian Ross utterly explodes that particular article of quasi-religious faith as fantasy. Not only did they break Khaled Sheikh Mohammed; not only was the information he gave them valuable; not only did it save lives; but Ross’s sources include people within the CIA who are opposed to the practices.

The best part, though? Learning that Ramzi Binalshibh cried like a three-year-old girl.

Hard decision time for St. John of Tucson. Choose carefully, Senator.

Please note that the clip has been slightly edited for time/bandwidth purposes.

Update: Is Frist ready to go to the mattresses?

Update: Across the dial, right about the same time that O’Reilly and Ross were talking about this, smug halfwit Keith Olbermann was blithely asserting that “torture” doesn’t work. You picked the wrong night, jerky.