Video: Ahmadinejad addresses the UN

CNN has a graphic up saying it’s set to begin shortly and that they’ll carry it live. Hopefully Fox will too. If you can’t get either where you are, watch here.

Update: Here’s an edit that, even at eight minutes, doesn’t quite capture the full Orwellian scope. Read the transcript and see, bearing this in mind. The address concludes with a wish for the coming of the messiah.

Please note that the video got cut off for a few seconds during the bolded part of this paragraph:

Justice and democracy dictate that the role of the General Assembly, as the highest organ of the United Nations, must be respected. The General Assembly can then, through appropriate mechanisms, take on the task of reforming the Organization and particularly rescue the Security Councilfrom its current state. In the interim, the Non-Aligned Movement, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the African continent should each have a representative as a permanent member of the Security Council, with veto privilege. The resulting balance would hopefully prevent further trampling of the rights of nations.

For more on the “Non-Aligned Movement,” see here.