Howard tells Aussie Muslims: Get over it

In case you didn’t know, Australia will be playing the fantasy role for conservatives in the next presidential election that Canada played for liberals in the last one.

He says it’s time to “move on”:

Muslims are “perfectly entitled” to criticise the Pope for linking Islam with evil and violence, but John Howard wants them to “move on”.

The Prime Minister said last night he was “disappointed” and “exasperated” that “whenever the Pope says something (it) provokes demonstrations”…

“It’s a strange form of restraint to respond to words of disagreement with demonstrations and threats of violence,” he said…

Mr Howard sought to make a distinction between the Christian and Islamic faiths. A “common thread” in modern terror attacks was that their perpetrators “claim the authority of Allah”.

“I don’t at the moment note groups killing people and invoking the authority of the Catholic Church. That’s the difference,” he said. “If Catholics rioted every time people attacked the Catholic Church, you would have riots on a very regular basis.

Article II, section 1, clause 5, baby. We can get it repealed. That would make Jennifer Granholm, who was born in Canada, eligible for the Dems and JH (and Schwarzenegger) eligible for us. We can make it happen.

More from Aussie Cardinal George Pell:

Pell complained that Australia’s mufti Sheik Al Hilali and the head of Prime Minister John Howard’s Muslim Reference Group, Ameer Ali, had reacted in a “typical and unhelpful” way to the pope’s comments.

“It is always someone elses fault, and issues touching on the nature of Islam are ignored,” the cardinal said.

Qadaffi’s son offers a way out. No word yet on whether it’ll be incorporated into … the musical. Meanwhile, Confederate Yankee notes that the Islamist nut in Britain who called for the Pope’s execution is a “reformed” reprobate. You don’t say.

Update: Once more, with feeling.

Update: Follow the Howard link and you’ll find Sheikh Taj Din al-Hilali, described there as “Australia’s Islamic leader,” dismissing Howard’s comments as a “cheap shot.”

The good sheikh also happens to think the Holocaust is “a Zionist lie.”