What do Greg Mitchell and the Pope have in common?

Neither one’s a particularly trustworthy journalist, neither one has a reputation for being fair to bloggers, and neither one is above redacting and rewriting published pieces after the fact.

I mean, allegedly redacting and rewriting. Sorry, Greg!

The Slate piece is correct, by the way. I read the Pope’s speech on the Vatican website at some point yesterday and I’m 99% sure that bold text wasn’t there at the time.

Nightly Pope news: Juan Cole blames Muslims’ “sensitivities” on their postcolonial sensibility, which is an elaborate way of saying it’s the west’s fault; the Telegraph borrows a plot arc from the Bush = Hitler storyline and blames the Pope’s coterie of yes men for not having stopped him before he said something so rash; the Pontiff’s visit to Turkey is, tentatively, still on, although there’s no word yet if he’ll meet with any representatives of the 0.2% of the population that isn’t Muslim; and finally, serious props to the CBS Evening News for their choice of guest on tonight’s “freeSpeech” segment. Fatwas have been issued for less.

Update: Greg Tinti has a PDF of the Pope’s speech, which he says he downloaded a day or so after the controversy started. The bolded part isn’t in it.

Update: Memo from Anne Applebaum: stop apologizing.