Newsweek's Isikoff willfully misquoted Gonzales torture memo

It must have been willful, no? Even if you’re inclined to blame a copy editor for the missing ellipsis, the question remains: why was he using an ellipsis and not the full quote in the first place?

We all make mistakes. The thing about Izzy is, his mistakes always seem to cut the same way — namely, towards greater “heart-ache” for poor Andrew Sullivan. There’s this, there’s the infamous Koran-in-the-toilet story, and there’s a little noticed but revealing piece he wrote in September 2004 about a prominent “moderate” Muslim cleric who’d been radicalized — pushed to extremism, as it were — by the Iraq war. That cleric? Yusuf al-Qaradawi. I raised enough of a stink about that at the time that we actually managed to squeeze a correction out of Newsweek. Click and scroll all the way down.