Video: Zawahiri threatens France

To paraphrase one of their intellectual icons: they may not be interested in war, but war is interested in them.

Note his appeal to non-Muslims fighting “under [their] own banner.” Anti-Americanism: the tie that binds.

Don’t miss this fascinating piece in the New Yorker about AQ’s master plan, such as it is. Quote:

Alone among Al Qaeda theorists, Naji briefly addresses whether jihadis are prepared to run a state should they succeed in toppling one. He quotes a colleague who posed the question “Assuming that we get rid of the apostate regimes today, who will take over the ministry of agriculture, trade, economics, etc.?” Beyond the simplistic notion of imposing a caliphate and establishing the rule of Islamic law, the leaders of the organization appear never to have thought about the most basic facts of government. What kind of economic model would they follow? How would they cope with unemployment, so rampant in the Muslim world? Where do they stand on the environment? Health care? The truth, as Naji essentially concedes, is that the radical Islamists have no interest in government; they are interested only in jihad.

An Israeli professor of Islamic studies told a counterterror conference in Herzliya today that there won’t be peace between Israel and the ummah — ever. The treaties with Egypt and Jordan would seem to belie that conclusion, but then again

The world’s best hope might be American Muslims:

German counter-intelligence officials are dismayed at how passive German Moslems have been towards the threat of Islamic terrorism. A tip line for Germans to call in information about suspected terrorist activity has received little use by the 3.5 million Moslems living in Germany. The tip line has German, Arabic and Turkish speaking operators available…

Meanwhile, the Europeans can only envy the FBI, which has a very active tip line. Despite a large number of American Moslems who are not happy with the war on terror, they do report anything that appears to be terrorist activity. This program has been so successful that the number of terrorist prosecutions is declining.