Truthermania! CBC explores 9/11 conspiracy theories -- on eve of 9/11

Ace has it, although even he doesn’t appreciate the magnitude of the problem. In response to a poll that found 22% of Canadians believe the U.S. government was involved in 9/11, he writes this:

My liberal friend still doesn’t believe this is anything but a fringe movement.

22% of an entire Western country is not fringe.

Given that Pacifica Radio offers DVD’s of Loose Change as promotional give-aways, I would put the figure in America at about 12%.

Fringe? Fringe in its dementia. But not fringe in its numbers.

He doesn’t know the half of it. Literally.

For some reason, the Frontpage article he links to doesn’t name the inarticulate aspiring filmmaker interviewed by the CBC. A quick check of the program listings confirms that it was indeed the appalling, undereducated moron Dylan Avery, director of “Loose Change.” Our boy Dylan and his equally moronic cohorts, Jason Bermas and Korey Rowe, were featured in a spot on Paula Zahn’s show two nights ago. Watch here. Naturally CNN was agnostic about the merits of their argument, concluding the segment with the siren song of the nonjudgmental dimbulb western newsman: “the film certainly has people thinking.”

Hugo Chavez formally bestowed the blessings of radical chic upon 9/11 conspiracy theories a few days ago when he accused the U.S. government of perpetrating an inside job. The clip’s at YouTube, but rather than embed it here I’m going to make you click so you can read the comments that follow it.