Audio: Pacifica Radio offers "Loose Change" as pledge drive gift

It’s not like they had a lot of options. Once you’ve given out all the MLK tote bags and copies of “Walden,” what’s left?

Nothing. Except a video apology for Islamist mass-murder.

For next year’s pledge drive? Collected works of David Irving.

Thanks to Scott Sala for the tip. WBAI’s been talking up “Loose Change” for months, in fact. I happened to tune in one afternoon in late July and they were running wall-to-wall 9/11 conspiracy theory programs; some of it was audio of speeches from a Truther conference. It sounded a lot like a Trekkie convention, albeit more far-fetched.

The appalling morons who produced LC actually paid a visit to the WBAI studios yesterday morning. It begins here a little more than halfway through and continues here.