Cartoon jihad: Iran shutters reformist newspaper over subversive sketch

It’s been said before but bears repeating: everything the left thinks Bush is, the mullahs actually are.


The donkey’s mouth is open and there is some light around it. Journalists say judicial officials apparently took the donkey as representing Iran in nuclear negotiations with the West. Donkeys in Iranian culture represents [sic] a man who is unintelligent.

The Danish paper Dagbladet Information published six of the Iranian Holocaust cartoons this week. Jyllands-Posten, which ran the Mohammed cartoons, hasn’t followed suit. I’m not sure why since (a) no one would mind, and (b) not doing so leaves them wide open to a charge of hypocrisy. But perhaps that’s the point: to publish nonsense just to show you’re willing to publish it is an awfully feeble principle to stand on. And since Iran gives not a shinola about free speech anyway, what would publishing the cartoons prove to them? Worrying too much about what they think of us is how we ended up building an ergonomic chair for Osama.

The full gallery of Iranian cartoons is here. It’s every inch the Muslim pity party you’d expect it to be. And here’s the response: a (much smaller) gallery of Holocaust cartoons drawn by Israelis as part of a contest designed to prove that Jews can face their demons in a way the infantilizing Palestinian victim industry can’t. Compare this entry in the Israeli contest from February to this Iranian entry from late summer; even their attempts at anti-semitism are banal and predictable.

The best entry from either contest? This one, of course:


Elsewhere: one of our friends in Palestine says he wishes every day was 9/11; Israel enlists someone whose moral authority isn’t quite as absolute as Cindy Sheehan’s to help get Iran kicked out of the UN; and Khatami learns the hard way that there are many weapons in the Zionist arsenal, guns and bombs being the least of them.