Video: 9/11, as it happened Update: Amateur video added

I culled about 27 minutes of footage from the first six and a half hours of CNN’s coverage that day. I’ll post them here in three parts. The actual attacks themselves end about halfway through part two, but watch them all. Part three is arguably the most important, as it includes a phone conversation with pilot Tim Timmerman — who saw Flight 77 crash into the Pentagon with his own two eyes. I’m going to cut his clip separately later along with a clip of another woman who saw the plane hit and a report from CNN correspondent Jamie McIntyre on the scene and upload them separately. For my pals, the Truthers.

Kudos once again to CNN for making this video available today. Parts two and three are coming as updates. Stay tuned.

Update: Part two.

Update: And finally, part three. Pay close attention to Jamie McIntyre’s report towards the end, especially when he’s asked if Flight 77 might have bounced in front of the Pentagon. No, says McIntyre; there’s no evidence of a plane crashing near the Pentagon. Rather, the evidence indicates a direct hit. The reason that’s noteworthy is because the slackjawed lying imbeciles in the Truther movement like to pull that line about there being no evidence of a plane hitting near the building out of context and use it as “proof” that there was no evidence of a plane at all. On the contrary: as you’ll see, McIntyre himself reports having seen plenty of aircraft debris.

Update: Charles e-mailed me earlier to say that this clip is incredible. He’s right.