Audio: Popular Mechanics editors debate "Loose Change" morons on 9/11 Update: Video added

The brawl to settle it all.

Bonus audio: Bottom-feeding LC director Dylan Avery laughs at the hijackers’ boxcutters and accuses the father of a passenger on Flight 77 of being in on the conspiracy.

Update (by Bryan): NRO’s James Robbins actually saw Flight 77 hit the Pentagon with his own eyes. He also links to a page replete with dozens of eye-witness accounts. Some disagree on this or that, but agree on the main thing–a plane hit the Pentagon.

It’s really tragic that we have to make this banal point over and over again, but then again we’re dealing with people who pretend the strife with Iraq across the entire decade of the 1990s never happened too. So it’s a small thing for them to make up fairy tales about what happened on one single day years ago.

Update: The video’s already up at YouTube, in four parts.