Video: "Path to 9/11" Update: Side-by-side comparison (Bumped)


I’ll post the controversial scene here later if/when it airs as well as anything goofy from the very special impromptu “Nightline” they’ve cobbled together for 10:30. In the meantime, consider this an open thread for “Path to 9/11,” how much you hate the nutroots, or whatever else is on your mind this anniversary eve. Highlights of the new AQ video will be posted in the other thread within the hour.

Here’s a quote to get the ball rolling: “Berger, Freeh later thought, was not a national-security adviser; he was a public-relations hack, interested in how something would play in the press.”

Update: Edited vs. unedited. They chopped quite a bit, but you still get the gist.

Update: Johnny Dollar has audio of Michael Scheuer and Ken Timmerman dismantling Clinton. Scheuer says whatever you may think about the drama component of this docudrama, the “docu” part is dead on. Timmerman lays the blame not at Clinton’s feet, but at someone else’s. And I don’t mean George Tenet.

Update: Ms. Underestimated has video of the fingerpointing on Nightline.