Video: Harry Reid quotes Olbermann's Rumsfeld tirade on the Senate floor

Olby’s audience: the Kossacks, DU, MoveOn’s director of Media Action.

Oh, and the Senate minority leader.

Interesting discrepancy worth noting here. The undertaker’s prepared remarks quote Olby this way:

One commentator observed that Rumsfeld’s comments:

“did not merely serve to impugn the morality or intelligence—indeed, the loyalty—of the majority of Americans who oppose the transient occupants of the highest offices in the land. Worse, still, it credits those same transient occupants—our employees—with a total omniscience; a total omniscience which neither common sense, nor this administration’s track record at home or abroad, suggests they deserve.”

But as you’ll see, when the time came, he was shrewd enough to identify that unknown commentator by name. Olby would have aired the clip even if he hadn’t; the name game wasn’t aimed at him so much as his nutroots fan base. This is Reid’s way of letting the bottom-feeders know he’s on the team.

If you’re keeping score, this makes two disingenuous egomaniac blue-blog hearthrobs to be read into the record in the upper chamber. Patterico can tell you all about the other guy, who, like Olby himself, is anything but shy when it comes to touting his Senate cameo.

The vid ends abruptly, but that’s Countdown’s fault, not mine.

Update: Another superb deconstruction by Johnny Dollar. My favorite line:

The infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann kicked off the hour proper with references to “‘Mister’ Bush’s fear and tell show” and the “so-called war on terror”. The latter we assume is the fallout from the so-called attack on 9/11.

Update: How could I forget? Reid’s affinity for the nutroots is well documented.