Truthermania! 9/11 revisionist wins Congressional primary

Can you guess which party he belongs to? I bet you can.

It’s the 15th District in Florida, so worry not: the seat’s secure. The real worry here is that it’s yet another baby step in the gradual mainstreaming of Trutherism. As Ace says of not one but two prestigious, mainstream news publications taking the CTers just a little more seriously than they should,

Would a conservative-driven conspiracy theory be given such a pass? There is much more evidence to suggest a Middle East/Iraq connection in the OKC bombings, but the media has been haughtily dismissive of such talk.

You can tell someone’s politics from the crazies they make excuses for. It’s pretty plain that Time magazine views the “Truthers” as an important part of the liberal coalition they’re worried about overly offending.

And make no mistake: they are indeed a small but vocal part of that coalition. Webloggin‘s got YouTube video of now-former Air America host Mike Malloy entertaining 9/11 conspiracy theories with the utmost credulity; the video was produced not by Malloy’s enemies but by his fans, as part of their campaign to “Bring Back Mike.” The boys at Screw Loose Change noticed as well, and speculate that Malloy might have been fired from AAR for having on as a guest a guy who not only believes 9/11 was an inside job, but who thinks Noam Chomsky is a puppet of the U.S. military.

I’m obliged to link this SLC post, too, because it ties in so perfectly with Ace’s. As Trutherism goes mainstream, the “Scholars for Truth” will play an increasingly prominent role because of their presumptive erudition and authoritativeness. Nothing could be further from the, um, truth; read SLC’s post and you’ll see that many of them aren’t even credentialed, and the ones who are aren’t exactly Ivy League material.

Elsewhere, the New York Green Party’s candidate for governor thinks it’s high time we killed Bush. Fortunately, he made his remarks in a fringe forum that attracts little attention.

The host sure did seem to like him, though.

Update: Looks like we’ve got another live one in Washington. Believe it or not, he might be the sane alternative; the incumbent’s none other than Baghdad Jim.