Good news: Arab League announces it will pursue nuclear "energy"

Political instability, gangster governments, religious fanatics, murderous anti-semitism, and coming soon — uranium a go-go. Now that’s a spicy meatball.

And why not? The UN’s not going to stop them. And it’s not like there are any alternative energy sources in that part of the world.

A majority of Americans and, if you can believe it, the French support military action as a last resort to prevent Iran from getting the bomb. Germans are worried about what Iran might do too — to the prestige of the UN, not to Israel, Europe, or the United States. Faced with a choice of disarming the mullahs by force or doing nothing, Deutschland says let ’em go nuclear.

Man, when Germany takes a position on war, they really go whole hog with it, don’t they?

Update: Actually, never mind the Europeans. Here’s the graph from the survey to focus on.