Olbermann promising another "special comment" tonight

I have to mention this for the benefit of our three leftist readers. Grab the Kleenex and break out the hand lotion, kids, because if you thought last week’s Rumsfeld/Chamberlain analogy was hot, wait ’til tonight when Olby ratchets it up to triple-X!

Here’s the e-mail dispatch from the Countdown people. Why, it’s enough to break your heart:

Last week, Keith had a Special Comment regarding Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld’s remarkable speech to the American Legion.

Would that we lived in a world where such extraordinary utterances from our leaders were rare.

Tonight, Keith’s Special Comment on the speech President Bush delivered, today.

So much hardship. And yet Keith and his eleven viewers somehow find the courage to soldier on.

I warn you now: I won’t have anyone impugning Olby’s integrity in the comments here. Just because he’s got a book coming out in six days and it’s slipped a bit down the charts since last week’s nutroots porn-screening is no reason to accuse him of mercenary motives. Call him a disingenuous egomaniacal douchetool if you like, but lay off the money stuff.

I’m officially deputizing Ian to cut and post this later if he wants. I wash my hands of it.

Update: Will Ahmadinejad be Olby’s worst person in the world for vowing to purge Iranian universities of liberal academics? Or will it be Bush for calling him a tyrant? Isn’t Bush really the tyrant for calling other world leaders tyrants? Tune in to Countdown and find out!