Mapes joins Rather at HDNet; ready to "break balls" (Update: Mapes says it's a hoax) (Update: Radar stands by its story) (Bumped)

Radar‘s got the scoop, and gives credit where credit is due:

The documents’ authenticity (though not their substance) was successfully refuted by the same principled wingnuts currently leading the charge against Reuters.

Indeed it was, my moonbat friend. Indeed it was.

Someone’s going to have to record this stuff and post the highlights online. But what if that someone doesn’t own an HDTV?

I guess someone’s boss will just have to pony up, won’t she?

Can’t. Wait.


Update: Mapes says not only didn’t she tell anyone from Radar that she’s going to work for HDNet, she doesn’t know what Radar is. Join the club, Mary.

Can I still have an HDTV?

Update: Radar says yes, in fact, they did speak to Mapes about a month ago and yes, she did tell them she’s planning to go to work at HDNet. I guess I believe them. I give their credibility about a 1, but Mary M’s pure flatline, baby.

Jazz Shaw Jun 22, 2021 6:01 PM ET