Iran, Syria, Hezbollah feeling froggy

In brief:

• Ahmadinejad’s vowing to radicalize Iran’s universities, a move which Rusty and E.M. fear will finish off the inchoate pro-western student counterrevolution.

• Nasrallah says he won’t give up his missiles while Confederate Yankee wonders why the Lebanese army would need anti-aircraft guns to disarm Hezbollah, which has no air force.

• One of the lead investigators into Syria’s assassination of Rafik Hariri by bomb blast narrowly escapes with his life after an assassination attempt — by bomb blast.

• Debka claims the U.S., Europe and NATO have dispatched a massive fleet to the Middle East to prepare for a possible Israeli/American strike on Iran. But there’s no unified command-and-control structure, so it’s uncertain how effective it would be.

The good news? Iran at last has a winning idea; Khatami declines Jimmy Carter’s invitation to meet, proving that Jimbo’s not even important enough to be an effective stooge; and Ahmadinejad finally receives that autographed photo he’s been after for so long now.