Cartoon imam linked to German, Danish terror suspects

His name’s Abu Bashar and he led the first of several delegations of Danish imams to the Middle East last December to see if they could stir up a little old-fashioned religious outrage over the Jyllands-Posten cartoons of Mohammed.

They succeeded. Due in part to the fact that they faked some of the evidence.

Bashar’s back in the news for, of all things, links to terrorism. Contain your surprise:

Today Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet reported the news that one of the [would-be German train] bombers, El Hajdib, was linked to the Danish imam Abu Bashar. According to the German BKA, when El Hajdib was arrested he was found in possession of a train ticket to the Danish city of Odense, where Bashar lives, and the cleric’s phone number. The BKA suspects that El Hajdib was supposed to hide in Odense with Abu Bashar’s help before reaching relatives in Sweden. Contacted by journalists, Abu Bashar denied any knowledge of the case.

The other suspect in the case told Lebanese police a few days ago that their main goal was to avenge the cartoons’ “attack” on Islam.

Today Danish police arrested seven persons of unknown description whom they’d had under surveillance after they allegedly tried to acquire bombmaking materials. According to Al Jazeera, Abu Bashar knows three of them. Oh, and he also knows why they’d be interested in blowing things up in Denmark. Straight out of the UK playbook:

“I’m afraid that there will be a terrorist attack in Denmark because there are Danish soldiers deployed in Iraq, and I’m afraid of what al-Qaeda may do if Denmark doesn’t withdraw its troops,” he told Danish news agency Ritzau.

He hasn’t said anything yet about fears of an anti-Islamic backlash among Danes, but give him a nanosecond. It’ll come.