Video: BBC urges appeasement

I put out the APB and our friend Brian of London at Friends of Micronesia came through. In a big, big way.

Here’s the BBC listing; this is an edit of the last ten minutes. The clip is short but there’s a lot to digest. Judging from this BBC precis of the program, the speakers you’re looking at are, in order, Professor Mohammad Mohamedou of Harvard, General Ali Shukri of Jordan, and our old friend, Bash-bashing Bin-Laden-hunter Michael Scheuer. I’m unfamiliar with Shukri but I remember Mohamedou from his op-ed in the Globe last year, in which he established himself as the leading expert in this miserable field. He’s presently an associate director of Harvard’s program on … humanitarian policy.

As for Scheuer, the Wikipedians have done us a service by compiling some of his choicer quotes. Devote two minutes here and here before you watch. And pay special attention to his comment in the clip, in which he advocates appeasement while scoffing at the suggestion that he’s advocating appeasement. Expect more of that logic in the next few years — “it’s not that we’re giving the enemy what he wants; it’s that we’re ridding ourselves of things we don’t want.” Victory by concession. Like this.

Without further ado, then. It opens at Ground Zero and closes at the Iwo Jima Memorial, just to make the message of surrender that much more rancid and astonishing. Dedicated to a special lady who can’t figure out what crazy Don Rumsfeld’s so worried about.

Update: Inayat Bunglawala, the Muslim Council of Britain’s media secretary, naturally thought the program was just peachy. LGF has followed Bunglawala’s writing for years — particularly his propensity for issuing veiled threats if Britain doesn’t change her foreign policy pronto.