Report: UK jihadi grand dragon knew headmaster of terror-probe school?

How’s that for a headline?

Rusty’s calling it an exclusive:

Shiekh Omar Bakri Mohammed, the exiled British Muslim cleric, was detained by Lebanese police last week and then released after passing a bribe. He was questioned about his possible involvement with the foiled sky terror plot. Bakri denied any involvement…

Bakri Mohammed claims that he was shown pictures of suspects in the plot to blow up American bound airplanes by the Lebanese authorities questioning him. He admitted to them that he had met some of the alleged plotters, but claims he did not know them by name…

Bakri was also asked by his al-Muhajiroun followers about jihad training and recruitment at the Jameah Islameah School. Bakri indicated that he knew the school’s owner, Balil Patel. Bakri seemed to be pleased that the Patel was not among those arrested.

He’s also got YouTube video of newly arrested Islamist messenger Abu Abdullah ranting about Freemasons, the Illuminati, and the antichrist. What a beacon of learning Britain will be fifty years from now.

Exit poll: one in ten.