Meshugga Mel marked for death in "Hebrew Hammer II"

It’s like “Magnum Force” if Dirty Harry had followed strict rules about separating meat and dairy. Hammertime:

TMZ has obtained the opening sequence of the script for the sequel to “The Hebrew Hammer,” a 2003 Jewish blaxploitation comedy starring Adam Goldberg. The sequel, called “The Hebrew Hammer 2: Hammer vs. Hitler,” depicts a very drunk Mel Gibson spilling out of Moonshadows, two blondes on each arm and a bottle of Irish whiskey in hand. Gibson then obnoxiously berates the valets, leaps into his Lexus and speeds off, screaming obscenities about the Jews. Apprehended by a policeman down the road from Moonshadows, Gibson’s anti-Semitic tirade is cut short when the cop — “The Hebrew Hammer” — puts a bullet in Gibson’s head, spraying a bloody Star of David onto the windshield of his Lexus.

The original “Hammer” comes highly recommended, by the way; easily the best Jewsploitation flick I’ve ever seen. There’s a clip below, although it doesn’t do justice to the film’s overall goofiness.

We need you, Hammer. Now more than ever.

In fairness to Mel, I should note that he has, in fact, apologized to “sugar tits.”