Stoogemania: Kofi twice embarrassed in Tehran

He flew in to ask them in person for three favors:

1. Stop enriching uranium.
2. Take it easy with the Holocaust denial.
3. Help disarm Hezbollah by expressing support for Resolution 1701.

Their answers:

1. No.
2. No. In fact, they waited until he was in town to announce they’re going ahead with plans to host a conference of revisionists this fall.
3. Sure, why not? It’s free PR. If this chump is willing to legitimize Syria by touting its phony assent to an arms embargo on Hezbollah, just tell him whatever he wants to hear.

Here’s video of Kofi paying lip service to Iranian cooperation; I’d be surprised if a single person in that room believed a word of it. Click the photo of him talking to the goon in the Members Only jacket to watch.


Here’s the transcript of his remarks about the Holocaust at the press conference. Equivocation, even at a moment when he’s showing some spine:

I would also want to say that the other issue I raised which had concerned me a bit was the question of the holocaust cartoon [exhibit]. I think all of us in this room remember the uproar the Danish cartoons created, particularly in this region. And at that time, I did state that, while there may be freedom of expression and the right to freedom of expression, that right is not a license and that it has to be exercised with responsibility, with sensitivity, and judgment. And I think that the tragedy of the holocaust is a sad and undeniable historical fact so we should really handle that and accept that fact, and teach children what happened in World War II, and ensure that it is never repeated. And we have to be careful: Words can soothe and words can harm. And we should be careful not to say anything that can be misused as an excuse for incitement to hatred or violence. I would want to pause here and take your questions.

He’s referring to the Holocaust in that last bolded statement, but I bet an awful lot of radical Muslims and their apologists were happy to hear it.

Meanwhile in Chicago, sham-elected former Iranian president/reformist “good cop” stooge Mohammed Khatami told the annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America that terrorism is largely the fault of the United States and that American Muslims should organize politically to help rescue our foreign policy from “the grips of ignorance and blunder.” One attendee was so moved he stood up and sang. Yes, really:


Who wants to be the one to tell him?

Update: To put it bluntly.