Marked for death: WaPo calls MediaWhoregate a non-story (Update: Flashback video)

Which it is, and has been for some time now.

They’ll regret this:

Nevertheless, it now appears that the person most responsible for the end of Ms. Plame’s CIA career is Mr. Wilson. Mr. Wilson chose to go public with an explosive charge, claiming — falsely, as it turned out — that he had debunked reports of Iraqi uranium-shopping in Niger and that his report had circulated to senior administration officials. He ought to have expected that both those officials and journalists such as Mr. Novak would ask why a retired ambassador would have been sent on such a mission and that the answer would point to his wife. He diverted responsibility from himself and his false charges by claiming that President Bush’s closest aides had engaged in an illegal conspiracy. It’s unfortunate that so many people took him seriously.

The nutroots has invested too much in this story to tolerate the media’s surrender on it, particularly when there’s still plenty of fake-but-accurate/”larger truth” idiocy left to mine. The proper approach when the enemy has you at a disadvantage is to fight, not apologize. To cave this quickly borders on collaborationism. All in good time…

Before Plamegate disappears into the ether, take a trip down memory lane by revisiting this dKos diary from June describing the author’s breathless encounter at Yearly Kos with the world’s most reclusive, publicity-shy lying media whore. “We actually have a conversation with Joseph Wilson. With Joseph Wilson!” Oh, and this too; you’re looking for their grand entrance at the very beginning and Colby’s mention of Plame towards the end. Four months later, the fact that he stood there and blamed Bush for her cover being blown turns out to be the one funny part of that routine.

Now more than ever!

Update: Here, I saved you the trouble of picking through the old video clip of Colbert. Here’s Ambassador Whore and his charming bride on the red carpet at the correspondents’ dinner, flashbulbs a-poppin’, followed by Colby’s bit. Listen to those laughs!