Secret Hold II: Lying Democrat Boogaloo? (Update: Red State says it's Byrd)

Flip’s squeezed quite a scoop out of the GOP leadership staff. Three possibilities:

1. A Democratic Senator (or a member of his or her staff) is lying.
2. A Democratic Senator initiatied a hold very recently, after being pinged by a blogger but before Tuesday at 6:57 pm.
3. One of the denials logged at TPMM or Porkbusters was based on a soft “Not that I know of” denial, which was upgraded to a firm “No” when catalogued.

Number 2’s unlikely; why would anyone else want to sit in the corner with Stevens knowing that people are getting interested in this? Number 3’s possible but practically indistinguishable from number 1: whoever the guilty party is will surely claim number 3, even if number 1 is the truth.

Flip forgot possibility 4: the GOP leadership staff is lying to him. That would be incredibly foolish of them, but at this point, would you doubt it?

As for the secret holder on the Democratic side, I think it would irresponsible to speculate.


Mmmm, ham. My favorite.

Update: Erick at Red State says he’s been reliably informed that it is, indeed, the Kleagle.

Time to pay up, Mary K.

Update: TPM Muckraker is exercising caution, but they’re troubled by the fact that they can’t get a straight answer out of Byrd’s spokespeople.