San Fran hit and run: Old-fashioned crazy, not jihad crazy

Yeah, looks like number 3. Although the hunt for the mysterious green van continues.

Paranoid schizophrenic, hospitalized at least twice over the past few months for nervous breakdowns. He called the police last month and confessed to murdering someone — except it wasn’t true. His parents allegedly are near-pathological control freaks who refused to let him return to Afghanistan to be with his new wife. The rampage supposedly began after yet another argument with his mother about that.

Lot of bad ingredients in that soup.

I’ve got to give you guys something to play with, though, so here you go. From the Mercury-Register article:

Nekrawesh [his cousin] said the family mentioned that they had considered taking Popal to a religious person for help.

“I strongly feel the whole family … (has) been isolated from society.”

“The parents think this is an evil society, so they try to overprotect their kids. At lunchtime at the school, someone was there with the kids — they tried to keep them away from other kids.”…

Popal’s father was religious but in no way extremist, Nekrawesh said. He added that the family’s parenting style was “a personal issue, not a cultural issue.”

And from the Mercury News:

The father attended some political and religious community events in Fremont, Nekrawesh said, but the family generally stuck to themselves.

Run with it! Work in the green van and you might win a Hot Air t-shirt!