Mid-day palate cleanser: Kyramania edition

Here’s what it looks like at 11:58 p.m. when a link to your blog has been up all day on Drudge.

My firstborn shall be called … Breitbart:


It was, indeed, the tinkle heard ’round the world. Amazing what it’s done for Kyra’s profile, too. Very convenient.

Perhaps too convenient.

She’ll be on Letterman tonight delivering the top ten. We’ll have video.

More mid-day links. E.M. Zanotti has yearbook photos of world leaders. Who’s this ravishing piece of man candy we’re looking at here?


Follow the link to find out. Or, if you simply can’t stand the suspense, click here for a hint.

Speaking of books, Google’s search engine for literature in the public domain debuted a few days ago. They’ve made some classics available in PDF form for free downloading, in case you like to read onscreen or have hundreds of blank sheets and a few extra ink cartridges to spare.

I’m going to wait until the Islamicized edition of Pinocchio is available.

Finally, are booty calls permitted under shari’a? Answer: yeah, sort of.