Confirmed: Byrd has had secret hold

Flip bags the old buzzard. Read the spin. Note the careful omission of any details about when Byrd released the hold. Was it ten days ago, before bloggers were covering this in earnest?

Or was it more like … Tuesday?

At least Byrd’s released his. I don’t know what the status is with Stevens right now, although his people are sufficiently embarrassed that they’re trying desperately to pin the mess on Tom Coburn. From the Blotter:

Aaron Saunders, Sen. Stevens’ spokesperson, tells ABC News that after the bill passed the Homeland Security Committee, Stevens placed a hold on the bill to give his staff time to submit questions and hear responses from Sen. Coburn, the lead sponsor on the bill. “There was nothing secret about it,” Saunders said.

When asked to respond to the widely blogged speculation that Stevens kept the hold secret, Saunders said they notified Coburn’s staff so it was not really a secret. Saunders then quoted Stevens, “This senator does not put secret holds on bills.”

According to John Hart, Communications Director for Sen. Coburn, “That’s completely false. We had to do our own detective work to discover it was Stevens who placed the bill on hold.

Hart says that Stevens’ not only missed the initial hearing on the bill, but also missed the July 28 voice vote when the bill passed unanimously in the Homeland Security Committee. After learning about Stevens’ hold, Coburn’s office says they have since requested meetings with Stevens’ staff but have yet to hear back.

I know who I believe, and it ain’t Porky.

There’s bad blood of long standing between them. Captain Ed explains.