San Fran hit and run: "He thought the devil was coming to him" (Update: "Terrorist"?)

Five possibilities.

1. He was nuts. Evidence:

A woman who identified herself as Popal’s cousin said he was having recurring nightmares about someone coming to kill him and had been taking medication.

“He thought the devil was coming to him,” said Zargona Ramish, who went to the family’s home Tuesday afternoon while Popal’s relatives were speaking with police.

2. He was freaked out to an unusual degree about his arranged marriage. Evidence:

Three months ago, he returned to his home country to marry, relatives said, and his wife’s family was very traditional and strict…

Nekrawesh wondered if the stress of the trip and the culture shock had an impact on Popal, especially given that Afghan weddings are very large, and Popal comes from a large extended family.

The bride’s family didn’t allow the couple to meet or talk before the wedding, Nekrawesh said.

“The only thing would be some kind of mental pressure,” Nekrawesh said, adding that Popal seemed happy before leaving for Kabul. “The lifestyle is very different in Afghanistan.”

3. Some combination of 1 and 2.

4, He was waging jihad. Evidence: He killed some people and he’s probably a Muslim. Counterevidence: For a guy who some have theorized might have been targeting Jews, he sure seems ignorant about what they look like. There’s also this: “Early on, the San Francisco Police Department discounted terrorism as a reason for the vehicular assaults.” But then, you can’t trust the cops; that’s like trusting the IAF when they admit to having hit a press vehicle.

5. It wasn’t Popal at all. It was Palestinians driving that mysterious green van spotted on camera at the scene of the Reuters Gaza airstrike. They switched the vehicles after the attack, the proof of which is the fact that the windshield on Popal’s vehicle is intact. And the green van itself? Gone. Destroyed afterwards — in a controlled demolition. Evidence: Just give us time, baby!

I’m leaning towards number 3. Although 5 is very much in the picture.

Of course, if it does turn out to be number 4, I’m going to have to eat so much crap I might have to post a photo of myself literally eating crap. I’m not real worried, though.

Oh, by the way — we’ve got our first report of “backlash” panic:

Fremont is home to the nation’s largest Afghan community. Parween Amiri, 34, who knows Popal’s family, worried about what Popal’s arrest might mean for other area Afghans.

“I can’t believe an Afghan would do that? The kids grow up here and some of them change,” Amiri said. “They are not Afghan anymore.”

Update: LGF has video of a San Fran TV report claiming that the suspect referred to himself as a “terrorist.” The woman who copped a squat on that diverted flight a few weeks ago had also allegedly written a note about Al Qaeda — until it turned out she didn’t. I’m remaining skeptical.

Just out of curiosity, though: are there any health hazards to eating feces?