FauxWhoa-tography: Outrageous photo of Beirut rubble

Number one on Yahoo’s list of “Most Viewed” and “Most E-mailed” news photos right now. I’ve, um, closely scrutinized it for evidence of doctoring.

Verdict: Legit.


Shameless Insta-bait? Perhaps.

Send me some tips, people. I’ve got nothing here.

Fauxtography bonus: As you’ve probably seen on Drudge, CBS has copped to ‘shopping that photo of Katie.

Whoa-tography for the ladies: Soldiers hard at work in Lebanon. Guess where they’re from.


Elsewhere in Beirut: Now the healing can begin.


Whoa-tography bonus: Phin at Agent Bedhead names his perfect woman. For a limited time only.

Obligatory link for old-school Allahpundit fans: Haifa, who’s also from Beirut, used to get linked every damn day on the old Allah blog. Welcome to Hot Air, HW.

More whoa-tography, ladies’ night edition: The boss says my photo of the French foreign legion soldiers was weak. She recommends this instead.