Secret hold: And then there were 15 (Update: Byrd cleared; down to 9 7 6 5?)

Still alive: Stevens and Byrd. Eliminated: Stabenow.

Mary K thinks it’s Stevens; I say it’s the Kleagle. We’re trying to figure out something pork-related to wager. Her suggestion: if I win, she gives me some honey-baked ham. If she wins, I give her some spicy sausage.

The secret-hold saga — not just suspenseful, but so damn hot.

It’s like film noir.

Update: And already we’re down to 14.

Update: Flip e-mails to say that, according to Porkbusters, Byrd’s in the clear.

Flip’s also been comparing PB’s list with TPM Muckraker’s and concludes we’re down to nine. Ted Stevens is among them.

I may owe someone some meat.

Update: Flip says Talent’s been eliminated, so it’s down to eight. But Baucus just denied it to TPMM, and he’s on Flip’s list. So we stand at seven.

Update: Flip says Sarbanes is out. Six.

Update: And now five. TPMM says Rockefeller is out.