What's scarier, an Israeli missile or a deer falling from an overpass?

People are getting cranky because I backed up the Times on that Rockwell-by-way-of-Guccione USO photo. So here’s something to earn back the public’s goodwill. Compare:



Don’t bother checking Snopes, either. It’s legit.

The Reuters van was armored so the comparison’s not entirely fair. But it’s fair enough. I sent an e-mail to Noah Shachtman of Defense Tech asking him what kind of half-assed munitions the Zionists are arming themselves with these days. Hopefully he’ll be able to resolve this one way or another.

Here’s another photo from the Middle East that I wish was a photoshop but probably isn’t. It comes from the Mines Advisory Group (MAG). Update: Photo removed. See update below.

I’d love to know who took it, but no photo credit is provided. Click to see what it is that the kid’s standing maybe six feet away from.

Update: SeeDubya’s been looking at the photos and thinks it was shrapnel, not the missile itself, that did the damage to the Reuters van. Via IM, Rusty agrees.

Update Aug. 29: Irena Kuszta from MAG e-mailed to point out the copyright notice on the site. I honestly hadn’t seen it; the photo has now been removed. My apologies to MAG and to photographer Sean Sutton.