Video: Hitchens flips off Maher's moronic audience

I know why the uncaged bird sings. It’s one thing to sit across a desk from an idiot blowing up a truth-to-power balloon; no matter how smug and slimy his moral equivalence might be, you still get a chance to engage him and pop it. The hooting imbeciles in the audience get off scot free, though. Usually. I guess we all have our limits, and cheering a comparison between Bush and a terrorist-supporting, Holocaust-denying, Islamist fascist is where Hitch draws the line. Good on him.

Follow the link for vid. Deepest thanks to Newsbusters for catching this; I thought for a moment this morning I’d have to link C&L, which basically is Maher’s audience.

Here’s Hitch on the Daily Show last year, debating another guy who’s not as funny as he thinks he is while the intelligentsia roots roots roots for the home team.