Thoughtful anti-Zionist commentary of the day (Update: HuffPo writer hopes for October terror attack)

It’s okay. They’re progressives.

Update: Also at HuffPo today: Russell Shaw thinks a little mass murder of Americans might do us some good, especially if it were to happen just before the election. This is precisely the sort of amoral, reptilian political calculus the left always accuses us of — inflating the threat and actually hoping for attacks because we might stand to gain politically from it. You’ll never see that here or at LGF, but you will, apparently, see it at one of the left’s most heavily trafficked political websites.

Let me know if you see even one liberal blogger take Shaw to task for this.

Update: This same bottom-feeder accused Israel a few weeks ago of having let its soldiers be kidnapped as a pretext to attack Lebanon. And received the full Lileks for his trouble.