Audio: Kirsten Powers comments on l'affaire Coulter

Vid’s here if you haven’t seen it yet. John Gibson had her on his radio show today to talk about it, and she was, as always, simply enchanting. Johnny Dollar has the audio.

But that’s not the big news. The big news is that KP’s launched a new blog called, um, “Powerspoint.” Which is cute, although any of the following would be better:

1. Powersmania
2. The Kirsten Powers Experience
3. “I agree with Michelle, but…”

I do want to spotlight a little of her writing because it’s working some magic on the big A:

The belief that I have disdain for the netroots seems to stem from a few postings about the Lieberman/Lamont campaign. I’ll be clear: I do not have disdain for the netroots, in fact I have enormous respect for the movement. But I do have a problem with some of the vitriolic language that is used against other Democrats, particularly centrist Democrats, of which I am one. I don’t like people referring to Lieberman as being “insane” as one DailyKOS poster did. He’s not insane. Some disagree with him, but attacking him that way is not necessary…

I refer to the “far left” in one of the postings and the reason I do this is because I do believe that there are people on the left that do not represent mainstream Democratic views. So I don’t want to just say “far left” because I think that lumps people on the left in with even the most fringe views, such as believing that there is no war on terrorism, something most people I know who are on the left simply do not believe. I also consider it a fringe view to believe that the London terror plot was a hoax to hurt Lamont’s chance of winning. You may or may not disagree, but that’s where I stand.

She might not realize it yet, but she’s on a slow boat towards the center-right. And guess who’s going to be there to greet her — with open arms — when she finally arrives.

One other thing, in case she should follow her referrals back to this post. I say this not to hurt, KP, but as an admirer who wishes to see you and the faction you represent succeed in the blogosphere: your blogroll sucks beyond belief.

She’s hosting Hannity & Colmes again tonight, by the way, so tune in. If she shouts anyone else down, I’m sure we’ll have the video. As for Johnny Dollar: I see from your Julie Banderas avatar that you’re a man of exquisite taste. I offer you the following screencap as a sign of our blog’s eternal friendship.


Update: Here’s a minute or two from tonight’s show of her and Hannity tackling the hard news. They’ve Huddyfied her! Ailes, you magnificent bastard.

If they’re willing to make KP vamp-tastic, what the hell are they going to do to the boss when she guests for O’Reilly on Tuesday? The mind reels.