Video: Michelle talks immigration on O'Reilly

She was tanned, rested, and ready, and O’R was kind enough to serve up her pet topic for discussion. Is there really a reconquista? Will L.A. turn into Dade County? And how are illegal immigrants from Mexico any different from Cuban-Americans?

Answer: They aren’t. Hopefully.

I’m reliably informed that next Tuesday’s O’Reilly program will be a very special one indeed. Bill will be out of town, so they’ve arranged for a guest host…

No, it’s not Bethany.

Update: Forgot to mention: the OC Register recently profiled Eduardo Sotelo, a.k.a. El Piolin, a.k.a. “Tweety Bird.” He’s a DJ in LA and, believe it or not, an important figure in the amnesty movement. Michelle once “debated” him on Fox & Friends. Video here.

Estimated cost to implement that McCain-endorsed Senate amnesty bill? $126 billion.