Macacagate: Allen apologizes to aide for slur

WaPo’s been riding it for weeks, but the gravy train might finally have come to an end. Apology not really accepted:

“I still have some questions about why it took so long, but, yes, he did the right thing,” Sidarth said. Asked whether he thought the apology was sincere, Sidarth declined to comment.

Protesters have unleashed a devastating, irresistibly catchy slogan to shame Allen and his more high-profile supporters:

As Bush arrived in Virginia last night, Democrats waved signs that included phrases such as “Hey, George, macaca is a bad word.”

ALF says Allen can kiss his Senate seat goodbye — not because he used the word “macaca” but because he gave WaPo the satisfaction of seeing him apologize for it. Errrr…

Mary K and I were IMing last night about this and I suggested that Allen might be the guy liberals thought Bush was when he was nominated in 2000: famous father, looks the part, kind of dumb, contrivedly folksy. A completely generic Republican nominee, in other words, groomed for leadership because he’d look good behind the desk and wouldn’t rock the boat.

Just a theory.

Here’s an amateur campaign ad cooked up from the macaca incident by someone who’s either a leftist with no sense of subtlety or a righty goofing on leftist paranoia about racism. An even more troubling future!

Update: Sister Toldjah wonders how many apologies will it take until he’s forgiven. Answer: none. This is too useful politically to the Dems. Besides, all conservatives are racists. Don’t you know that?