Late afternoon Bethany-themed palate cleanser

E-mail we received this afternoon at shortly after two, in its entirety:

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Date: Aug 23, 2006 2:08 PM
Subject: More Bethany

More Bethany please.

Another e-mail that Karol got from a friend and forwarded along to me:

OK, that chick that did Vent today is so distractingly hot, not only could I not concentrate on a single thing she said, I found myself [unable to concentrate] in my office.

Holy crap. Allah must be the luckiest … dude of all time to have all you hotties. Meanwhile, let me get back to working with … geriatrics.

Bill also e-mailed to ask me for an invite to the Hot Air Christmas party, on the assumption that Bethany will be there.

Let’s address a few things.

1. Allah doesn’t know Bethany.
2. If Allah did know Bethany, do you really think he’d be introducing her to other guys?
3. No transcript of today’s Vent will be made available for those who watched it but couldn’t quite “follow along.”
4. There will be more Bethany here tomorrow, and then of course regularly at realVerse going forward. Judging from today’s response, they should be pulling Kos traffic within a few weeks.

We’ll leave it at this. Side by side comparison:



I think you could make an argument. What else needs to be said?

I’ve got a ton of links piled up so let me take the opportunity to unload some here. Instapundit’s written before about the possibility of resolving certain moral conundrums (read: abortion) through better technology (read: more effective contraception). He’s right. And the kangaroos couldn’t be happier.

A highly scientific poll of Hollywood stars conducted by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has found that more than half opposed Israel’s war with Hezbollah. Especially “Ralf Finesse.”

An Indian man describes what it feels like to have another man inside you.

John Mark Karr says he had sex of a sort with JonBenet. He also admits to having kissed other little girls on the mouth, but it’s okay because “they’ve actually most of the time initiated the kiss.”

Some day soon, one of us is going to accuse a computer of bias.

And finally: has Osama seen “Enter the Dragon”?