Yeah, that’s super. There are only two problems with it.

Problem one: A CNN poll taken over the same period:


Problem two: A new NYT/CBS poll also taken over (roughly) the same period:


CNN didn’t do a breakdown of its sample by party affiliation; the Times did, and it’s a bit skewed towards blue (of course). Still: if I had to guess which poll is the outlier, I’d guess Ace’s.

Click through on the Times poll and scroll down to page 7. The accompanying article predicts trouble for Republicans due to Americans seeing Iraq as increasingly distinct from terrorism. But if anything, that helps Bush: slightly more voters say “terrorism,” not Iraq, is the most important issue facing America right now. And terrorism’s where Bush just got a bounce.

There were a couple of surveys in the news in the UK today too, but not of the electoral variety. Think big picture. From ICM:


The top one’s getting headlines because the press can use it to bludgeon Blair, but after Madrid, it’s not exactly a secret that the jihadis dislike hawkish governments. The second result is the interesting one. As left-wing and anti-war as the Brits are, a clear majority are under no illusions about the alleged fictitiousness of the conflict. How could they be?

The Speccie got similar results in a new poll of its own, but take this one with a grain of salt. Some of the answer choices tend to make the results a foregone conclusion (in particular, the question on the bottom of page 3). Having said that, though, check these out:


I’m not sure how you square number three with number one. Not with Europe being what it is at the moment.

Notice anything unusual about the results to the first two questions, by the way? Look closely.

One government minister told the public today to prepare itself for a “perpetual” battle.