Breaking: Iran issues formal response to European nuclear offer (Update: "A new formula"?) (Update: Ready for "serious negotiations")

Just across at Fox via Reuters. They’ve handed the envelope to UN envoys. Will it be “GoodFellas”? Or “Dances with Wolves”?

Standby for the exciting conclusion.

Update: In case you missed it, Khamenei said yesterday that they won’t halt enrichment. So there’s not much suspense in what the official response will be.

Update: “I expect a very ambiguous answer.” The UN’s given them until the end of the month to reply, so if, as expected, Iran rejects the offer now, look for nine more worthless days of talks to get them to change their mind before September 1 rolls around and the Security Council really does have to make a move.

Imagine next Friday, as every right-wing hack op-ed writer in America begins his or her column this way: “Sixty-seven years ago today…”

Update: Ambiguity indeed: Iran’s Fars news agency says they’ve rejected the offer but have proposed a “new formula for resolving the issue through talks,” the details of which haven’t been made available yet. Waiting to see this confirmed elsewhere. Here’s the Fars article.

Update: Sanctuary‘s betting they’ll reject the offer:


Update: The Times of London seems to be hearing the same thing as Fars. Another round of cheat and retreat:

Iran offered what it described as “a new formula” to resolve the dispute over its nuclear programme today.

Details of the offer, which was presented to ambassadors in Tehran more than a week before a UN deadline for Iran to stop enriching uranium, were not immediately available but Iranian officials hinted that they expected negotiations to be able to resume after a months of deadlock.

Western diplomats said they were expecting an “ambiguous” response.

Iran’s statement was given to the ambassadors of Britain, China, Russia, France and Germany by Ari Larijani, Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, at the offices of the Supreme National Security Council in Tehran. The United States, which has no diplomatic presence in Tehran, was represented by the Swiss ambassador.

Update: Fox just broke in to say that Iran has announced it’s ready to begin “serious negotiations” starting tomorrow. No details yet, but I have a feeling what their definition of “serious” isn’t quite the same as ours.

Update: AKI: “Just hours before the self-imposed deadline, an anonymous source at the IAEA told Adnkronos International (AKI) that new centrifuges were installed at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility over the past two weeks.”