Jackpot: BBC cops to taking staged photos in Bint Jbail

This being the Middle East, naturally it involves the dangerous exploitation of a child.

The only surprise is that they admitted it.

Newsbusters makes another nice fauxtography catch, apparently identifying Green Helmet’s long-lost sidekick: “Red Cross.” Like GH, by day Red Cross is a mild-mannered civil service worker, by night a crusading corpse photographer. And at the site of an airstrike, he magically turns into both at once.

The real outrage today is a case of non-fauxtography, though. Joe Rosenthal, who took the shot of Marines from Easy Company raising the flag on Mt. Suribachi, died yesterday. Seizing an opportunity to both impugn an immortal symbol of American valor and minimize Reutersgate by comparison, E&P marked the occasion by recycling old rumors about the photo having been staged. At least one lefty blogger picked it up; Confederate Yankee tried to correct them, with predictable results. But it wasn’t entirely futile: his post on the matter drew an e-mail from none other than David Perlmutter, a professor of photojournalism who wrote that now-famous piece in E&P the other day about the crisis in the industry. CY reprinted his e-mail as an update to the post. Go ye and read.