Bush lied, JonBenet died? (Update: Absurdly biased AFP photo series added)

Texas Rainmaker finds the smoking gun.


Seth Brigham, of the Rocky Mountain Peace Center, holds up a sign about JonBenet Ramsey, Iraq and Lebanon, in front of a courthouse in Boulder, Colo., Monday, Aug. 21, 2006, in anticipation of a court hearing of John Mark Karr.

On a hunch, I did a Google search for “Seth Brigham” and got this:


There are no easy answers. That would be an understatement.

From personal experience I can tell you that state mental hospitals are prisons unto themselves. I have never been convicted of a crime and have always volunteered for mental health treatment and yet I have found myself imprisoned and in isolation for many days on end.

I fear the mental health system. Frontline should investigate further. Where can the impoverished mentally go and receive quality treatment???

Seth Brigham
Boulder, Colorado

Must be a coincidence.

As for Bush, I think he’s in the clear. We’ve got a much better lead on this one.


Update: I was cruising around on the Yahoo News photo wire and stumbled upon this masterpiece of anti-Bush caricature:


Taken by Paul J. Richards of Agence France Presse. Impressed by his shamelessness, I ran a search on his name to see what else he’d come away with from the press conference today. I got four more hits. Here’s the whole batch.





My curiosity piqued, I went over to Getty to see if there were any Richards photos on the wire there.

And indeed there were.

I can only show the thumbnails; click for the full-size.





(Note: The above is similar, but not identical, to the photo from the Yahoo News wire. Click to see what’s different.)



The last two are to my eye identical to each other and to the super close-up from the Yahoo wire. Which means they cut the same shot three different times to make him look increasingly sinister and grotesque.

And that’s it. That’s the totality of Paul J. Richards’s work product today as of this writing.

Eh. I can’t even get mad anymore. It’s enough just to catch them and file it away.