Zionist monsters attack protesters with mysterious blue chemical!

Got this from Greg Tinti, who passed it along as an example of possible fauxtography. Adnan Hajj made the smoke darker; is this a case of someone making the water bluer?


Nah, it’s legit. There was a protest yesterday in the West Bank against the security wall that’s been helping to keep suicide bombers out of Israel for the past year or two. Charles Johnson’s favorite useful idiots were there. As was someone from IMEMC, who filed this report — under the irresistible headline, “Israeli Army sprays protestors in Bil’in with unknown blue chemical”:

[T]he army was already present within the village, having occupied several rooftops with snipers, and with armored vehicles stationed at the entrance of the village in order to stop the procession there. There were also water cannon trucks that fired blue dye at the protestors, which, according to local organizer Abdullah Abu Rahma, appeared to contain toxic components.

Seven residents who were hit with the full blast of the dye began screaming and shaking when the dye hit them. The soldiers then fired rubber-coated bullets, and an Associated Press photographer named Rami Abdu was injured when one of the rubber-coated bullets hit him in the back.

According to a press release from the International Solidarity Movement, who had members present at the protest, “Bright blue water was fired from the canon at the demonstrators, totally unprovoked, as soon as they were within range of the massive white tank. Many demonstrators were soaked by the blue liquid, dying their hair, clothes and skin, and most of them reported subsequent burning and irritation of the skin. Tear gas was also used against the demonstrators as soon as the water canon was engaged, so it is unclear whether the burning was from gas being absorbed into the wet skin and clothing, or whether the water itself contained a chemical. Regardless, the message from the Israeli army was clear: non-violent protest will not be tolerated and will be met by increasing displays of force.”

There’s a photo of them being sprayed at the link.

What demonic poison has the Jew unleashed on unassuming Arabs now? Slow-acting napalm? Some sort of sterilizing agent, perhaps? In all likelihood, it’s diluted turpentine — the same thing they used on Jewish settlers last year when they forcibly evacuated them from Gaza:

Protesters there threw paint-filled light bulbs at police, who responded with a water cannon loaded with blue dye and turpentine-tainted water.

And why would they do that? An Aussie reporter who was there at the time explained:

Police in full riot gear and carrying batons broke open the doors with a hydraulic ram and went in and began dragging out those inside including women and small children, as the protesters on the roof hurled paint, sand, rocks and furniture on to them.

The police responded with water cannon laced with blue dye and turpentine to mark the protestors for later prosecution…

So there’s your answer, all wrapped up in a bow for easy linkage when the inevitable dKos post appears wondering what terrible genocidal misfortune the poor Palestinians are suffering now.

Update: I can’t tease you with the promise of fauxtography without delivering, so Here you go. This one really is a photoshop. I think.