Nagin: Feds would've moved quicker if Katrina hit Orange County or South Beach

More chocolate thunder. Not newsworthy: the fact that he’s a moron. Somewhat newsworthy: he said it to the annual conference of the National Association of Black Journalists. This is the second time now that he’s used an appearance before a mostly black audience as an excuse to stoop to racial demagoguery: the infamous remark about “chocolate city” was made during an MLK Day celebration last year.

As was Hillary’s “and you know what I’m talking about” crack re: the GOP running the House like a “plantation.” MLK Day again, this time at a black church.

Then there’s Reverend Al. Not Sharpton; the other one. If you’ve never seen clips from his debate with Bill Bradley at the Apollo Theater in 2000, you really missed out. No race-baiting in this case, just racial caricature. Here’s a quote from the transcript that captures the flavor. Or, as Al would say were he addressing a black audience, “flava”:

If you entrust me with the presidency, the first Civil Rights Act of the 21st century will be a national law outlawing racial profiling. I think that we have to make certain that in this country not only will driving while black never be allowed to be a crime, but we just… we have to say that we are going to become one people, and prevent these incidents, partly by putting as much energy into education as we do into incarceration. (Cheers and applause)

Vintage Jesse. Not quite chocolate, but certainly white chocolate.

It so happens that the comments about Jews, Koreans, and Arabs that just got Andrew Young fired from his gig at Wal-Mart were made to the Los Angeles Sentinel, an influential black newspaper. So here’s the question: do Nagin, Hillary et al. genuinely believe this crap but suppress it until they have an audience whose perceived “authenticity” gives them license to vent? I.e., are these Kinsleyan gaffes? Or are they simply examples of politicians telling a group what they think it wants to hear, whether or not they themselves actually believe it?

I’m persuadable either way.