Martyrdom videos found on at least six laptops owned by UK terror suspects

Says the AP. Not Osama’s greatest hits, either; according to the Beeb, they appear to have been made by the suspects themselves.

Ace puts Sullivan’s head back in the toilet and flushes, but martyrdom videos might not necessarily prove imminence. My best guess as to when Shehzad Tanweer recorded his was February 2005; the London bombings didn’t happen until July. For various reasons, I suspect he and Mohammed Siddique Khan recorded theirs when they were in Pakistan; I’m curious to see if the suspects with videos in this case had also been there recently.

Speaking of video, it’s been four days since I’ve posted any here. Which ain’t good, considering that it’s one of the two ostensible purposes of this site — the other being, of course, to give me a platform from which to exchange flirtatious veiled messages with Mary K. Anyway, here’s an interview aired on CNN this afternoon with Abu Abdullah, a former head of the notorious Finsbury Park mosque and an Islamist so freakishly radical that British Muslims actually ran him out of there last year because of his extremism. He’s wanted in the U.S. for trying to organize terror camps in Oregon. In Londonistan, he’s free as a bird.

The martyrdom video of killer robot Shehzad Tanweer is here, in case you missed it in July.

Update: The British government’s all but given up.

Update: I misheard the CNN report. It’s Abu Hamza, Abdullah’s buddy, who’s wanted in the U.S. in connection with the terror camps. Sorry for the mix-up.