Poll: McCain perceived as eight points left of center

According to the latest Rasmussen survey. Whereas Rudy Giuliani, whose stance on abortion and gay marriage is supposedly going to torpedo his candidacy in the primaries, is perceived as being only three points to the left.

Just a little too much “maverick” for a little too long on a few too many issues. He’s good enough on the war that I could grit my teeth and forgive him the campaign finance act. But immigration, alas, was a dealbreaker.

Who else is out there? Allen? He’ll call Condi Rice a “macaca” at one of the debates. Condi? Her prospects are about as bright as Lebanon’s now. Mitt Romney? Who?

I hereby declare, in my formal capacity as custodian of HotAir.com, August 17, 2006 to be the start of Giuliani time.

Incidentally, Rick Moran says Condi must go. Must she? I didn’t realize that the State Department now operates completely independently of the president.