Liquid explosives detected at West Virginia airport? (Update: "Not a threat")

In the carry-on bag of a Pakistani woman, apparently. They’ve run two tests, both positive.

On a flight from West Virginia to North Carolina, though?

Almost certainly a false positive, but worth a link. Especially since it gives me an excuse to blog-flirt with Mary K.


Love among the ruins!

Update: HDW notes below that a bomb-sniffing dog alerted on the bottle too. Hmm.

Update: Double hmm from Rusty, who’s watching the live feed:

At first people calm after electronic security device picks up suspicious substance in two water bottles. Witness says bomb-sniffing dog “bee lined it” to the woman’s bag. Panic ensued.

If this does pan out, it’s a huge score for TSA.

Update: The BBC:

Chris Yates from Jane’s Aviation told the BBC that both the swab and sniffer dog tests were extremely sensitive.

The likelihood that a container that had not come into contact with explosives would come up positive on both tests was extremely low, he said.

Update: The latest via the video feed is that cops have confirmed she had legitimate reasons for being on the flight. It also could be that “nitrates,” which could have come from anything, might have set off the detectors. Pointing towards a false alarm but stay tuned.

Update: As expected. CBS says it was cosmetics that set off the sniffers.

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