JonBenet case falling apart again?

His ex says he was with her, in Alabama, on the day JonBenet was murdered. His father says he’s never been to Colorado. He apparently lived near the Ramseys in Georgia, five years before the killing, but according to his brother he didn’t know them.

Yet somehow he ended up in their house in Boulder, strangling their daughter to death in 1996.

He’s also obsessed with her case (and Polly Klaas’s), having allegedly studied it well enough to have been encouraged to write a book about it — and, perhaps, fake a confession capable of fooling police:

His father told The Denver Post that while Karr was in college as an adult, a professor encouraged him to write a book about the Ramsey case after being impressed with a school paper.

“He researched everything he could about her,” Wexford Karr said.

I want to believe the cops have some smoking gun on him, but their work in the past does not inspire confidence. Say this for Dr. Deb: if you’re going to threaten kids, it looks like Colorado’s the place to do it.

Creepy detail worth noting in case he does turn out to be the killer:

Karr became a focus of the investigation after he e-mailed Michael Tracey, a University of Colorado journalism professor who produced three documentaries on the Ramsey case, university spokesman Barrie Hartman said.

“They did talk about the case, and what this man said led Michael to continue the conversation and led him to contact the authorities,” he said.

Nagging conscience? Or was he boasting? Creepier still:

Karr also told the AP he contacted JonBenet’s mother, Patsy Ramsey, before her death in June and that he wrote her letters about “many things.” He said he hoped that she received the letters.

If true, it wouldn’t be the first time a child-killer contacted the mother of his victim. Ever heard of Albert Fish? Read up.

You won’t thank me later.

Update: Colorado cops and prosecutors will be holding a press conference any minute now.

Update: They won’t comment on any of the evidence in the case.

Question: what if he pleads guilty? With all this doubt, will the judge reject the plea?

Update: He says he drugged her and raped her. And also allegedly strangled her in the course of a kidnapping attempt. During which he wrote an unusually long ransom note.

Sounds like a long time to be on the premises with no one noticing. And the autopsy showed no sign of drugs or alcohol.

Chalk white, pencil neck, flat expression: he sure looks the part, though.