How high up does the UK terror plot go?

All the way up to Matiur Rehman, the “interface between al Qaeda’s leadership and thousands, if not tens of thousands, of Pakistani militants”? Pakistan claims to have him in custody; the U.S. doubts it, but British and European counterintel officials say it’s true.

All the way up to Abu Faraj al-Libbi, rumored to be AQ’s number three? Rehman’s not involved, insists a Pakistani intel honcho speaking to Dawn; this one’s over his head, reaching as high as the third tier of AQ.

Or does it go even higher? A senior official says he has “reason to believe” the plot was cleared with Number 2 himself.

How much of this is on the level and how much is grade inflation designed to prove (to India especially) Musharraf’s anti-terror bona fides? Not sure. But then, as we’ve learned, one needn’t actually endorse the things that appear on one’s blog. It’s sufficient simply to “air” them.

So consider this “aired.”

And this too: MI5 says links between this plot and the 7/7 bombings are bound to turn up. In fact, one might have turned up already.

Oh, they also found a suitcase bomb-making kit in the woods near where some of the suspects lived. Yawn.