Dog bites man: Patterico nails the LA Times on Murtha

A watchdog, to be exact. With the bite power of a pit bull and the tenacity of a terrier. And the silky coat of a collie, whose puppyish eyes you could just melt over.

He’s got them by the pants cuff again, although there’s not much there we didn’t already know. His real scoop came a few days earlier, when the Times’s reader rep responded to one of his e-mails by foolishly standing by their earlier story that it was General Hagee who had briefed Murtha before he made his first comments about Haditha on May 17th — even though the Corps has since said it isn’t true.

Now for the follow-up questions: did anyone from Hagee’s office brief Murtha before he said what he said on the 17th? And if so, did they do so at Hagee’s behest or on their own? Because if the latter, that’s not a briefing. It’s a leak.